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Hunting Opportunities at the 7-V Ranch

We hunt in terrain that is varied from deep tree covered ravines to rolling prairie that encompasses roughly 80 square miles in size.  Four wheel trucks are the transportation of choice with spot and stalk or staking out water holes.  We also take non hunting partners who may ride along for the hunt or stay in camp and relax.  All meals are provided consisting of a full breakfast, packed lunches, or lunch in camp, and a full dinner when you return at night. 


Each cabin has propane heat and hot showers.  There are beds, linens, towels, and soap.  Hunters must supply their own personal effects.

Deer Hunting

Deer hunting in area 700 can be fun and challenging depending upon your skill and mobility.  The 7-V Ranch can accommodate hunters at all levels, whether you are just beginning to hunt, have been hunting for years, or need special accomodation.  Depending on what time of season you choose to come to hunt, you may hunt with a bow or with a rifle.

Antelope Hunting

Antelope hunting takes patience and fortitude.  Wind and terrain can make your hunt very interesting.  The eyesight of an antelope will challenge even the most skilled hunter in a stalk.  You may hunt antelope with either a bow or a rifle.

Elk Hunting

Elk hunting in area 700 is also done with a bow or a rifle.  Hunting with a bow during the rut will leave a lasting impression; there is nothing like hearing an elk bugle in the wild and pitting your skill against the elk's instincts.  Elk may also be taken during the rifle season if you draw a rifle tag for area 700.

Bird Hunting

There are Hungarian partridge, sharptail grouse, Merriam turkeys, Canadian geese, ringneck pheasants, and ducks to hunt here at the 7-V Ranch.


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